Weekly Services




The youth ministry of Springs Church is for anyone in Grades 7-12.

Time:  Fridays from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Place:  725 Lagimodiere Blvd
Contact:  (204) 233-7003 or


An evening out at Springs Youth is an unforgettable encounter. When you experience a youth service, you experience a passionate movement of teenagers committed to a cause. You won’t be able to get to your seat without someone saying hi, treating you like a unique person, and reinforcing our belief that “You Belong”. If you show up here alone, or if you bring out your whole crew, it doesn’t matter, Springs Youth is for you!

Each of our weekly events are unique, but every night is filled with the presence of God, passionate and genuine worship, and relevant teaching from Pastor Jono, Joel, DK and Phil.  Every Friday night will give you an encounter with a real and personal God, the One True God who loves you more than you can imagine.  

Springs Youth is not your average, ordinary Friday night. It’s a step up from the typical routine of Canadian youth. It’s a look up and beyond the existence that society offers; a dedicated lifestyle. Choosing to live above the thinking and circumstances that might try to drag you down. It’s a generation of young men and women who are devoted to raising the bar with their speech, conduct, faith, purity and love. A movement of teenagers who are sold out to the message and cause of Jesus Christ. What do you believe? Who are you following? What do you live for?

You belong! See you Friday!!

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General Permission Waiver - needed for any Springs Youth outings.





Youth Small Groups

If you're a student in grades 7-12 sign up here and join a small group!

There exists in each of us a longing to really know God, and to be known by Him; a desire to be fully loved, accepted and forgiven. That's a good thing. We want to help you with that. Real people. Real Life. Real growth. You belong. Join a small group today. 






Make a bold choice to invest in our next generation of young men and women who will make a difference in eternity!! Springs Youth is exciting, bold, crazy and fun! We're looking for anyone who wants to impact today's youth culture with the brilliant message of Christ!! Click here to fill out a volunteer application form

Youth teams include:

Info Desk
Big Event Planning
'the HYPE' (weekly contests and competitions)
Youth Praise & Worship (Gr. 7-12)
Video Games