Springs College

Developing Spirit Contemporary Leaders.



Springs College is a nine-month leadership & management program designed for young adults between the ages of approximately 18 and 25. Each year the program begins in September and ends in May.

Students need to learn leadership skills. Companies and organizations identify team leadership skills as the #1 quality they look for in the university and college graduates they hire. However, research has shown that you cannot address the leadership challenges of today’s complex world by reading and discussion alone--you have to experience them. Unfortunately, in most universities and colleges today few students learn the leadership skills that they need to be successful in their future jobs or to serve their churches and communities effectively.

The most effective leadership programs occur in everyday settings where training and getting things done happen at the same time. Springs College has developed a full-time leadership and management program that accomplishes this by combining a biblical, skills-based theoretical framework with hands-on experience to ensure that young potential leaders are given the opportunity to learn how to manage themselves, grow close to God, see beyond the superficial in our world, recognize and value the diverse talents and skills of others, build trusting relationships in teams, manage projects effectively and build positive, high performing teams in a spirit contemporary way.

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