Church Life


Healing School.


Every Monday (excluding long weekends)
595 Lagimodiere Blvd. (South East Corner)
10:00 am

If you are believing God for a miracle in your body or would like to learn more about God's promises on healing come out to Healing School. Healing School takes place every Monday morning (excluding long weekends) at 10am in the chapel (South East corner) of 595 Lagimodiere Blvd. This is an ongoing course that covers various topics on Healing.

Bring a friend! Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Healing School (audio resource)
By Leon Fontaine

This series is designed for those who want to grow their faith in healing. These messages were taught by Leon in weekly Healing School classes. You will set in motion the powerful force of God’s healing by studying the principles in His Word.

This audio series is available in both CD and MP3 at our online store.
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Healing Stories

For the past two years I’ve immersed myself in Springs.  After being on disability for 12 years with a multitude of health issues I attend all services, consistently take connect courses, and I volunteer.  Four medical specialists have closed my file, my doctor is amazed that my health has been totally restored and my chiropractor asked my permission to use me as a testimony as I have one of the healthiest spines in his practice.  I am now working full time at my dream job, a four minute drive from home.  I’m moving from survival to stability and envisioning success and significance!  I’m thankful for complete healing, a renewed mind and a close relationship with God!  Thank you Springs!

On July 1, we were swimming as a family when I had a bad dive from the trampoline and hit the bottom of the pool head first with great impact.  I heard loud cracks in my neck and floated to the top.  I was in pain and was limited in neck movement.  Long story short, I had a speedy recovery and I’m back to normal, enjoying life!  With the severity of the impact, the outcome could have been so much worse! I praise God for His protection and for quick healing!

Thank you Springs and Miracle Channel devotional resource.  I came to Winnipeg 10-weeks ago to enter an anorexia day hospital program.  As I live in rural Manitoba, I had to re-create all of my routines while staying in the city during my recovery.  My family gave me a copy of the MC devotional booklet and for the first time in ages I started setting aside God time each morning.  With this amazing resource, I am now completing my 10th and final week of recovery and have a God quiet time habit created that I love and crave!  Thank you for this resource.  I am free of depression, anxiety, loneliness and I’m on the road to true physical healing and balance.  God is good – thank you Springs!

Back in March at a Wed night service, I had prayer for healing.  I’m so grateful to say that the visible, physical signs of the virus that I’ve had since 2008 have completely vanished!  Thank you Jesus and thank you Springs for giving me the tools to stand in agreement for healing!


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