Does Springs Church really need me to volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! While we understand that many people look at the size of Springs Church and think that they cannot possibly make a difference, the truth is that you can. There are many different opportunites for everyone to get involved. God has a big plan for His Church, and we need you to help us accomplish them. So come join the challenge!

How do I find out what volunteer opportunities are available?

We have many different Volunteer Opportunities available here at Springs Church. We will help you to explore a team by connecting you with a leader in that area who can show you what is involved in volunteering with that team. Check out our full list of volunteer teams here.

How do I begin volunteering?

Getting Connected is a course at Springs Church that all first time volunteers attend. At Getting Connected you will discover why we do what we do as a church, the history of Springs Church and hear Pastor Leon and Sally Fontaine's vision and purpose for us as a Church. This is a course that takes place on Wednesday evenings and will help you get started at volunteering at Springs! For more info on Getting Connect Click Here.

What is expected of me?

Expectations will vary from role to role, however you can rest assured there is a process in place to ensure that you are equipped and trained. Every area has a team leader who is responsible to help you succeed in your new role.

What is the time commitment?

This is one of the benefits of volunteering - You can tailor your serving to fit your schedule and your season of life. There are serving opportunities available all week long and for any time schedule. If schedule is a primary factor in the selection of your serving role, you can serve in an area that is specific to your availability and frequency.

Be a part of what God is doing here at Springs Church – changing lives!!