Weekly Services




Ages 6 - 11 years
Fridays 7:30 PM @ 648 Burrows
(bus pick up available).


Ages 4 months - 11 years

Sundays 12:30 PM @ 648 Burrows (this Program runs during our Sunday Service)

Springs Inner City uses school buses and satellite locations to bring inner city children the life changing message that God has a plan for their life! Kids Klub Sunday School engages the children with fun games and a positive message brought to life with dramas, puppets and colourful object lessons. This power-packed program teaches the children that God’s plan for their life can be discovered through a relationship with Jesus. Kids Klub also encourages the children to stay in school, to stay away from gangs and crime and to dream big for their lives! Currently, we are reaching 400 inner city children through this program making it one of the largest Sunday Schools in Winnipeg.

*For the Winter months:
Please note that when the temperature drops to -35ºC (with the wind chill) we will cancel Friday Night LIVE for that day. If you are unsure if the program is on or not, please call (204)586-6213.