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Pastors Leon & Sally Fontaine

Facebook: Leon Fontaine, Sally Fontaine
Twitter: @leonfontaine, @sallyfontaine
Instagram: @leonfontaine, @sallyfontaine

Springs Church
YouTube: Springs Church

Springs Church Winnipeg
Instagram: @springschurch
Springs Church Winnipeg
Twitter: @SPRINGSwinnipeg

Springs Church Calgary
Facebook: Springs Church Calgary
Twitter: @SPRINGScalgary
Instagram: @springscalgary

Springs Inner City

Facebook: Springs Inner City

Springs Church Steinbach
Facebook: Springs Church Steinbach

Springs Church Selkirk
Facebook: Springs Church Selkirk

Springs TV Media
Springs TVmedia
YouTube: Springs Church

Springs Winnipeg Youth

Facebook: Springs Youth
Instagram: @springsyouthwpg

Springs Winnipeg 20 Somethings

Facebook: Springs Church "20 Somethings"

Springs Kids

Facebook: Springs Kids
Twitter: @SPRINGSkids
Instagram: @SPRINGSkids

Springs Calgary Youth
Facebook: Springs Youth Cgy
Instagram: @springsyouthcalgary