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Spirit Contemporary.


Spirit Contemporary: God's Spirit working powerfully through contemporary people.

Being Spirit Contemporary involves learning to be led by God's Spirit in everyday life situations. It's an ability to live passionately for Jesus, communicating and demonstrating their faith with a relevance that attracts others to follow Him. While gaining influence in the world, Spirit Contemporary people keep God at the center, tap into Holy Spirit's power, and grow in favour with both God and man, just as Jesus did.

Spirit Contemporary ministries are unique. They're seeker sensitive, which means they are sensitive to the needs and preferences of all types of people, yet they refuse to compromise the life-changing flow of God's Spirit. They communicate the Gospel in a way that attracts people but they also value the Spirit of God who changes hearts and makes miracles happen.

The most powerful aspect of being contemporary is it is fluid and ever changing. Being contemporary may mean something different from city to city and even from people group to people group. Contemporary this year is different than contemporary next year. It seeks to understands the culture you live in while learning to communicate effectively within it.


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The Spirit Contemporary Witness - by Leon Fontaine

Have you ever walked past a guy on the street corner with a blow horn prophesizing the end times? Or a lady with a sandwich board urging people to save their souls from hell? If so, then you’ve probably seen the reaction. People’s backs stiffen and their step quickens as they walk past. At best, the public ignores these doomsday crusaders. At worst, people get scared or turned off the message about Christ.

But this isn’t how Jesus wants you to tell others about Him. Calling people sinners or scaring them with warnings about the fiery gates of hell will likely open few – if any – doors. Yes, as a believer your highest purpose is to help others discover a life-changing relationship with Jesus. In doing so, you help them achieve a life as close to heaven on earth as possible, and ensure their eternities are filled with love and laughter. But being a Christian and sharing your faith doesn’t mean being spooky, religious, and weird. There’s a much more refreshing approach. I like to call it a Spirit Contemporary way of witnessing. Here are a few steps on how to do it:

1.    Understand your purpose. We live in a world where so many people lack a reason for living other than to fulfill their own immediate desires. They see their lives as a limited opportunity to fill as much fun into the hundred years they’ve got on the planet and don’t think beyond the span of a lifetime. Make no mistake, we should pack as much adventure into our lives and seek to accomplish amazing things, but there’s more than our lifetime at stake. It is to develop a life-changing relationship with Jesus and ensure our destiny is with him for eternity. Once you’ve made that commitment, your highest purpose is to share your faith and bring others into His family.

2.    Speak naturally when sharing your faith. Don’t ever start a conversation by asking someone, “Are you saved?” People won’t understand what you’re talking about, or worse, they may mock you. Instead, casually look for an opening and lead the conversation without being brazen. For example, if a co-worker is having a bad day and starts telling you about it, take your cue. Say something like, “Yeah, I used to feel down a lot too. I’m glad I found a way to get through the hard times.” Then tell them how you started going to church and found a relationship with Jesus that changed your life.

3.    Share your story with confidence. The truth is sometimes confrontational and often uncomfortable. But understand that you’ve got God’s power in you whenever you reach out and share your faith. Do not be ashamed of your beliefs or how you came to know Jesus. Speak with confidence and people will respect you. You don’t need scientific proof or research to prove your point. Just share what’s in your heart and leave the results to God.

4.    Don’t be afraid of rejection. Jesus couldn’t reach everyone, and neither can you. Understand that you are not responsible for the results, just for sharing your story in a positive way. Also, you never know what the end result may be. When you speak with confidence and live your life in ways that honour and glorify God, amazing things will happen. God will use you to reach out and show the world how to really live. And when He does, you will find the greatest fulfillment, joy and peace you will ever know.